The Royal Adelaide Show Report 2017

Another Royal Adelaide Show is over, and once again we can report a successful year for the Meningie Area School show team. The schools entered 5 steers in the School’s Led Steer competition and 2 teams of three in the School’s Merino Wether competition.

The steers were an Angus; Wellington Lodge Mercury from the McFarlane’ at Wellington Lodge, a Murray Grey; Tarlina Malfoy from Rodney Gregurke of Pt. Lincon, a Red Poll; Moyle Park Maximus from Moyle Park, Jamestown, a Limousin; Roean Midas from Fred Evans at Willalooka and a Simmental; Lakeside Maleficent from Lily and Dong Cattle Company. The wethers were selected by the students from David and Gwenda Eckert’s ‘Mentara Park’ and I would like to acknowledge the way that they manage their flock so that there are wethers that are suitable for the competition for us to choose from.

The students involved were Holly VandenBrink, Renae Camac, Emma Marles, Gena Mansfield, , Melissa Brown, Riley McNichol, Georgia Whitehead, Aimee Brooks, Jai Ling, Lochie McPerson, Dylan Gibbs, Tiarnie Ling, Charlie Medlow, Charlotte Treloar, Alyssa Wilson, Imogen Allen, Destiny Shaw, Chelsea Swan, Millie Treloar, Jessica Turner, Jasmin Cunneen, Lauren Parsons-Avery, Chloe Retsas and Tammin Clarke. Many of these students had not worked in the show team before and it was the youngest team that we have ever taken. Mr. Lehmann, Mrs. Lehmann, Mrs. Treloar, Hamish and Bethany Jurgs and Jessie Bland supported the group in the lead up to show and while we were there. These students had given up many of their lunchtimes in Terms 2 and 3 to prepare the animals, and many turned up on weekends in the last month to put the finishing touches on the animals.

The animals were taken to the show on Tuesday the 6th September with the wethers being taken down by Mr. Lehmann, while the steers were transported by Jethro Grigg who works for Robert Boon. The wethers were settled in and then weighed and scanned, while the steer display was set up before the truck arrived. We then travelled to the Adelaide Shores Caravan park where we stayed for the next two nights.

Wednesday morning saw the judging of the wethers for presentation and skin value, after which they were shorn so that their fleeces could be weighed and assessed. Meanwhile the steers were weighed, scanned and then washed. Each breed then had a selection process to select which three steers would represent them in the Thomas Foods trophy. Unfortunately none of our steers were selected in their respective teams. We then got the whole team together and walked the steers around the main arena in the grand parade. The day ended with the results of the wether competition. It was a very strong field with 51 teams entered. Our school got a brown ribbon for coming 6th in the Wool Value section of the competition which was a good achievement considering the competition. On Wednesday evening Charlotte Treloar and Emma Marles entered the SA Young Beef Breeders Handlers competition. Both girls did a great job, but didn’t win a ribbon. However, Emma’s steer, Lakeside Maleficent was judged the best presented steer in the whole competition, which is a feather in our cap and a testament to the work that the students did, both in the lead up to the show and in the last minute work before the competition.

The steer judging started at 9.00am on Thursday so it was an early start to feed and water the steers before washing and blowing them dry in readiness for the show ring. Our steers were in 5 consecutive classes and so the pressure was on for a while. Mercury was awarded with a second place ribbon in his class but unfortunately we didn’t get any others with the Red Poll, Murray Grey, Simmental or Limousin. One student from each class was selected for the final of the Urrbrae Handlers Award which recognises the best relationship between the steer and the handler. Gena was one of the 12 students selected for the final and ended up gaining a 5th place ribbon which is a fantastic job considering there were over 120 students leading steers at the show. This is the highest that any Meningie student has achieved in this competition. Well done, Gena!!

After the classes were judged and the champions sashed the announcement we had been waiting for was due. The ATASA Most Professional Show Team award goes to the school that does the best job of presenting its steers and maintaining its stall in the most professional manner. We had won it for the three previous years and were in line to be the first school to win it four times in a row. Unfortunately we did not achieve our goal as we missed out by one point with Westminster College winning the trophy.

The steers were then sent to Murray Bridge for the carcase competition. These were announced on Sunday  morning back in the showgrounds. Unfortunately our steers did not succeed at the carcase competition.

We need to thank the breeders of the steers and the wethers for making our participation in these competition possible. Further to this we could not achieve the level of success we do without the ongoing and generous support of our sponsors. These are Thomas Foods International, Yalkuri Pastoral Company, Meningie Fodder, Meningie Veterinary clinic, Lake Albert Caravan Park, Platinum Ag, Mappinga Park Dairy, Mentara Park, Hiview dairy and Naranga Pastoral Compmany.

Unfortunately, Rodney Gregurke, who supplied us with the Murray Grey steer passed away a few weeks before the show. Rodney has supported the school with a steer for a number of years and we were successful in gaining a ribbon on a number of occasions. We would like to pass on our condolences to Rodney’s wife and family, and thank them for his support of our school. All of the students who had met Rodney were very upset to hear of his passing and mentioned what a nice man he was and how positive he was when talking to them about their steers. He will be greatly missed.

I would like to thank every member of the team who put in such a great effort.


1 North Tce MENINGIE 5264
Principal: Mr. Iain Love
Partnership: Coorong Mallee