Senior School

The Senior School encompasses Years 10 to 13.

Students in Year 10 are provided with a general curriculum with some opportunity to choose subjects that meet their needs. All students have 5 lessons of English, Maths and Science, while SOSE  is offered for 4 lessons per week for the full year. Students receive 3 lessons of PLP in Semester 1 and 4 in Semester 2.  Optional subjects include Agriculture, Art, Home Economics, Materials Technology, Photography and PE. Year 10 students may also choose Vocational Education and Training Programs in Automotive and Health Support Services.

In Years 11 and 12, students are able to choose from a broad range of SACE subjects at Stage 1 and 2. These are either offered as face to face subjects or they may be studied through the Open Access College. Students also have the opportunity to undertake Vocational Education and Training programs in a variety of industry areas, either offered as school based programs or offered by the Lower Murray Trade Training Centre as regional programs. 




1 North Tce MENINGIE 5264
Principal: Ms Fiona Haselgrove
Partnership: Coorong Mallee