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·         Freshies provide a lunch order service 3 days a week.

          Available Wednesday, Thursday & Friday. 

          Orders need to be in by 10 am. Orders and payments are made using the online ordering system. Click HERE to order

          Separate orders are required for each student. Please note in the section at the end which class or year level the student is in. 



·         Communication Books are used in Reception – Year 2.

·         Every Year 3-12 student is expected to maintain a diary. 

·         The diary assists students in planning their time and work, and is a form of communication between the school and home.


Students Responsibilities:

·         Bring communication book daily, and diary  to all lessons

·         Make entries to indicate homework, assignments, important information for parents

·         Complete subject and homework timetables

·         Take the diary home on a nightly basis

·         Have the diary signed at the end of the week by a parent/caregiver


Parent/Caregiver Responsibilities

·         Check the diary/communication book regularly for homework, notes and important dates

·         Use the diary as a form of communication with teachers

·         Confirm reasons for absence through the school diary

·         Sign the diary once read.


·         Newsletters are distributed 3 timea a term and are emailed to families via EdSmart.

·         If you are not receiving a Newsletter please let our Front Office staff know.

·         Newsletters are available on the school website


·         Reception to Year 4

·         Reports are sent home at the end of Terms 2 and 4

·         Interview Sessions are arranged in Terms 1 and 3

·         Middle and Senior School (5-SACE)

·         In Term 1 and 3, a Interim Report is sent home, which outline if students work is up to date and any issues.

·         In Terms 2 and 4, a more detailed report is sent home.

·         In terms 2 and 4 interviews are arranged.

·         In addition to continuous assessment and reporting there are also mid-year and end-of-year examinations for SACE students.

·         Informal contacts concerning the progress of students are welcome at any time throughout the year.

·         Link to the Australian Curriculum



·         Please refer to the download on the Policies page under the HOME tab on this website or click here.



·         Please refer to the download on the Policies page under the HOME tab on this website or click here.

For any concerns:

·         Make an appointment to talk over the issue with the person concerned.

·         If the matter is still unresolved speak to their line manager

·         If that is unsatisfactory, speak with the Principal

·         If still unresolved, contact our Education Director

Link to the  Feedback and Complaints Unit of DECD.   



·         This scheme is administered by DECD and provides financial assistance towards the cost of educational expenses for full-time school students of low-income families.

·         School card application forms are available at the school.

·         For further information, please contact the school Finance Officer.



·         This charge is set annually by Governing Council.

·         Prompt payment is required to provide the cash flow to support the school programme.  A schedule of part-payments can be arranged.



·         Lost property is kept in Junior School wet area.

·         Please ensure that all items of clothing, including drink bottles and lunch boxes are clearly marked.



·         If a child needs to take medication prescribed by a doctor these can be brought to school and must be kept in the Front Office for staff to oversee the student asking the prescribed amount at the correct time.  This needs to be bought to school in the original container with the daily does.  If medication is required for a period of time, parent/caregivers may provide one-week dosage.

·         In some cases a medication plan will need to be completed and the school informed.

·         Any student who needs to take medications at school should have a note of explanation from parents, and a doctor.

·         Asthma medication may be with the student for easy access.



·         The speed restriction of 25km/h applies at any time a child is present in the zone.

·         Please note that the crossing does not guarantee safety.  All pedestrians need to show due care.  Wait at the side of the crossing until you are confident the traffic will stop or has stopped.

·         Please do not drop your child at the No Parking Zone.

·         Please do not drop or collect your child from the staff car park unless the child is unwell.


·         All visitors are required to sign in at the Front Office before entering the school grounds.

·         A visitor’s book is situated at the front desk and visitor badges are to be worn at all times.

·         This includes parents supporting their child in the classroom and when dropping off lunches.


·         Is held during the term 1 at school swimming pool.  Sessions are taken by qualified instructors and are intended to develop children’s water confidence, water safety awareness and stroke proficiency. 

·         A swimming carnival/splash day is held in Term 1 at the Coonalpyn Pool.



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Principal: Ms Fiona Haselgrove
Partnership: Coorong Mallee