Meningie Area School PaCSS

Meningie Area School has a parent group which comes under the title PaCSS (Parent and Carers School Support). We are a small group of parents/carers who give a few hours each month to offer a little extra service and support within the school. This group was formerly known as P&F ( Parents and Friends).
Our aim is to support studnets, parents, carers and staff within our school.

How do we do this? We

  • provide a forum/means for parents to voice and share their opinions, ideas, concerns etc.
  • have a representative and voting rights at MAS Governing Council meetings
  • keeps parents informed of what is happening at the School
  • enables parents to be informed/involved in their children’s education and school activities
  • cater for teacher training and develpment days so we are able to keep money within the school, which benefits students aparents

Following are some of the items/activities that P&F has donated towards / is involved in;

  • sunscreen lotion      
  • fridge & freezer in Home Ec. Centre
  • book prize, tea & coffee at presentation night
  • banners for School Band
  • PA system
  • school photos
  • soap dispensers in Junior School toilets   
  • school newsletter
  • uniform shop at the school.

MAS School Uniform.

The Meningie Area School Uniform is now available at the school. Polo tops for both Junior, Middle and Senior School studnets as wellas windcheaters are available. Parents/Caregivers are welcome to buy black pants and shorts where-ever they find suitable.

Prices are very reasonable and are available from the school.

Enquiries can be made at the front office of the school.

PaCSS Meetings

A meeting is usually held monthly & are advertised in the school newsletter and /or a reminder note sent home with the youngest child in the family.

We always welcome new parents/caregivers to the group.


1 North Tce MENINGIE 5264
Principal: Ms Fiona Haselgrove
Partnership: Coorong Mallee