The curriculum covers the following areas as determined by Departmental policy: English, Languages, Mathematics, Health and Physical Development, Science, Studies of Society and Environment, The Arts and Design and Technology.


Programs are aimed at extending all student's proficiency in listening, speaking, reading and writing.



Class programs will be prepared to provide students with knowledge, processes and skills to provide them with confidence for operating in society and a basis for further learning.

Health and Physical Development: 


Studies in health education and physical education will be undertaken with aim being to develop greater understanding of, and respect for, themselves and others and to develop physical skills.



Programs will be set to promote a process approach to science which encourages and develops enquiring minds and process skills. A balance between biological and physical science will be maintained.

Studies of Society and Environment:         


Class programs will provide studies in the environment and society aimed at giving all students a better understanding and knowledge of these areas and developing positive attitudes so that all students may be effective members of their and other communities.


The Arts:                   

This includes music, dance, drama, visual art/craft and media studies. Each class will receive a variety of experiences in order to develop skills and appreciation.


Design and Technology:                  

This will be very much a problem-solving experience. Students will be encouraged to develop technological skills such as planning, building, testing and selecting tools, materials and processes in order to complete tasks.


1 North Tce MENINGIE 5264
Principal: Ms Fiona Haselgrove
Partnership: Coorong Mallee