Agriculture is offered as a subject option at Years 10 - 12 at Meningie Area School. Students in Years 10 and 11 have the opportunity to undertake units toward a Certificate II in Agriculture through the Coorong Mallee Trade Skills Centre. This is a joint project between the school and Coomandook Area School to offer Vocational Education and Training units through a Registered Training Organisation so that the qualifications gained by the students are recognised nationally. The units gained contribute toward the student's SACE requirements. Students at Year 11 may also  choose to study a Stage 1 subject through the SACE Board's  Agriculture and Horticulture Subject Outline. Students at Stage 2 may wish to continue with their vocational certificate or they may choose to study Stage 2 Agricultural Production. The subject outline can be viewed here on the SACE Board website 
The school has an agricultural area of approx 5 hectares and leases another 15 hectares from the Coorong District Council.
Livestock production is the main focus of the school's agricultural program with students working with cattle, sheep, and poultry. The
 school runs two flocks of sheep, one for meat production, the other primarily for wool production. The students also use the lambs from the meat flock to develop skills and knowledge in assessing and preparing animals for sale. The wool flock is used to increase student knowledge and understanding of the wool industry.

The school is developing its capacity to use technology to track individual sheep genetics and production and to use this data to make mamangement decisions.

Each year the school enters the Led Steer and Led Wether Competitions at the Royal Adelaide Show and has many ribbons to show for its efforts in this field. Being situated in a strong dairying area, the school has also raised dairy heifers from weaning to 
springer stage. This has allowed students to see the importance of correct nutrition and growth in the development of a good milking cow.
The school also has an aquaculture facility which has a total capacity of 6000 litres of tank space. This has been used to successfully raise rainbow trout and barramundi, and will soon be stocked with some native fish as well. 
The school is also developing teaching and learning programs to allow students across the school from Years R - 12 to access the rich and deep learning opportunities that agriculture provides.

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1 North Tce MENINGIE 5264
Principal: Ms Fiona Haselgrove
Partnership: Coorong Mallee