German at Meningie Area School

Learning other languages opens up new cultures and experiences for students, and is crucial if they are to live and work in an increasingly international world.

German language teaching takes as its starting point students’ learning needs and interests. With this in mind, the long-term German program at Meningie sets out to achieve two aims:

The first is to ensure that students are motivated to study German. And the second, but no less important, is to ensure that students meet the requirements of the SACSA framework.

To achieve this, language learning needs to be integrated into students’ lives. This means that we compare our own cultures and languages with those of German speaking people, understand how the German language works as a system, and learn to use German ourselves to communicate.

For example, this year our year 8 class have exchanged experiences and cultures with a German speaking year 8 class in Switzerland, making new friends and practising their German language skills in the process.

Another example is our German sports program (Sportabzeichen), in which the year 3, 4 and 5 students have been participating for the last two years. This program is designed to raise interest in physical activities and to promote a healthy and active lifestyle. As well as supporting physical activities, the program promotes language learning across the curriculum. Students are able to learn and practice their German in and outside the classroom.

Another highlight of the year is our German Christmas baking, which includes the Reception to Year 9 German classes. In this activity students learn about German language and culture by preparing German recipes for the Christmas celebrations.

These are just three of many examples of how language teaching is implemented at our school.


1 North Tce MENINGIE 5264
Principal: Mr John Sutton
Partnership: Coorong Mallee